President Worthen’s Initiative

for inspiring learning (mentoring, experiential learning, and innovative teaching) offers the College
an opportunity to share how our students and faculty are actively engaged all these activities.

We plan to showcase the wealth of experiential learning outside the classroom (internships, study abroads, performance, field study, touring, service projects, etc.) by collecting media (photos, video, stories). Collecting and displaying these stories will enable us to demonstrate how we put these sacred funds to work within the college.

  • Get Started

    We want to tell more stories about mentoring, experiential learning and humanitarian and outreach projects. If you have a story you think would make a good video click the icon to learn how.

  • Upload Content

    Upload your media and stories to our dropbox. Click the icon to be taken to the dropbox!

  • Use #experiencecfac

    Share your stories on social media by using #ExperienceCFAC in your social media posts.

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