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About the College


The College of Fine Arts and Communications’ mission is to “teach the disciplines of art, communications, dance, design, music and theatre and media arts; explore these disciplines’ application to various media; and expand their civilizing influence on the human spirit. The college’s activities are founded on spiritual values. Each department strives for excellence and rigor in scholarship, performance and creative activity. The college seeks a balance among these areas of endeavor that offers students a diverse education in preparation for professional contributions and a lifetime of service to humankind.”


Inspiring Learning

President Kevin J. Worthen announced a university-wide initiative focused on inspiring learning in August 2016. Inspired learning encompasses three sectionsmentoring, innovative teaching and experiential learning. Experiential Learning allows students to have both educational and meaningful experiences outside of the classroom through internships, studying abroad, performances, field studies, touring and service projects. These experiences deepen learning and lead to inspiration.


Faith + Works

Faith and Works lectures are presented by faculty within the college. These lectures describe journeys of faith within a disciplinary context by focusing on ways that faculty members’ faith and work intersect and enhance each other. Lectures take place on the first Thursdays of the month during Fall and Winter semesters.

Faith + Works


Museum of Art

One of the largest and best-attended art museums in the Mountain West, the BYU Museum of Art offers a dynamic exhibition schedule that includes displays of its permanent collection, world-class traveling shows and thought-provoking exhibitions organized by museum curators.

From the research and study of the artworks in the permanent collection to the teaching and learning that occurs in classrooms and galleries, the museum plays an important role in the academic pursuits of many students at BYU. The museum also seeks to connect to broad community audiences through exhibitions and educational programming.

Museum of Art


Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility

During the 2019-2020 school year our college leadership began to study and think together about ways that that the CFAC might better respond to the varying needs of our students, faculty, and staff. The CFAC Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Statement with accompanying initiatives is an outgrowth of those beginning conversations. We view the statement as a living document that will change as we listen to and learn from our students, faculty, and staff in the coming years. Associate Dean Amy Jensen leads the CFAC Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Committee and currently the committee is constituted of faculty and administrative staff representatives from the CFAC Dean’s Office, and also Art, Communications, Dance, Design, Music, and Theatre and Media Arts. The committee regularly meets and is charged with working together with departments and schools within the college to accomplish the diversity, inclusion, and accessibility goals of the college.

Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility


Listen Up! Series

The Listen Up! Series was introduced in late 2020 as the College of Fine Arts and Communications seeks to magnify the campus conversation about Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility. "This ongoing initiative is meant to connect students and faculty with artists from around the world who bring diverse backgrounds, experiences, and ideas to the table,” said the producer, Lyndsay Keith. “I hope that meaningful conversations are started at these lectures that will continue to shape how we think about inclusivity and accessibility."

Listen Up! Series


External Relations Office

The College External Relations Office works to secure greater local and global visibility for the College of Fine Arts and Communications by maximizing the positive impact of external relationships on the college’s reputation, resources and programming; thereby increasing the strength of the college’s academic programs and influence in the world.

CFAC External Relations Office


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