Faith and Works lectures are presented by faculty within the college. These lectures describe journeys of faith within a disciplinary context by focusing on ways that faculty members’ faith and work intersect and enhance each other. Lectures take place on the first Thursdays of the month during Fall and Winter semesters.

Faculty presenters are charged with demonstrating how artists and scholars can productively wrestle with big disciplinary questions in ways that exhibit mastery and rigor within their disciplines while also exploring, respecting, and fostering faith. Lecturers also share creative or theoretical projects and work processes that grew out of spiritual issues, devotional inspiration, or gospel questions.

Our hope is that through these lectures and the accompanying question and answer sessions faculty and students can grapple in faith engaging ways with big disciplinary questions.

Upcoming Lecture November 5th

Faith + Works with David Habben - Nov 5, 2020

David Habben | Design

Line Upon Line: Finding Your Way With Eternal Intention
November 5th, 11 a.m. | LiveStream

Scott Christopherson | TMA

Title, Time, and Location: TBA

Scott Christopherson | TMA

Communing with the Divine in Documentary: The Sacred Nature of Representation
February 6th, 11 a.m. | Madsen Recital Hall

2020-2021 Lectures


Alexander Woods | Music

November 7


Fidalis Buehler | Art

December 5


Scott Christopherson | TMA

February 6

Diane Reich headshot

Diane Reich | Music

March 5


David Habben | Design

November 5 @ 11AM | LiveStream


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