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Graphic Design Grad Lydia Lowe on Finding Her Inspiration and Passion for Design

Lowe will graduate in April 2023 with a BFA in Graphic Design

Photo by Emma Olson

Lydia Lowe, a BYU graduate who majored in graphic design, will be presenting at Convocation on April 28. When Lydia Lowe was in high school, she participated in creating her high school’s yearbook and quickly recognized her passion for “using design as an art form and a means of communication.”

Lowe finds inspiration everywhere – in high fashion, textiles, historical clothing, events in history, photography, nature books and even food styling. She is “obsessed with designing and seeking inspiration constantly.”

Although Lowe struggled initially to secure an internship that matched her interests, she eventually found an opportunity to work with a beauty brand in Paris. The experience was high-intensity and the skills she was taught in the design program allowed her to excel. She said, “They were on an entirely different level. Adjusting was difficult at first, but I was able to quickly adapt and thrive.”

In addition to the beauty brand internship, Lowe has worked on several projects during her time at BYU. One of her favorites was a “stop-motion piece that used only raw materials like charcoal, sand and flour to create visual landscapes.”

Lowe was able to find many people that she connected with in the design program itself. She said, “Professors and students are like no others at BYU, they promote inclusivity and kindness. The students specifically have created a family that builds each other not only creatively, but emotionally as well.”

Lowe credited many role models and mentors in her life with helping her grow as an artist and as a person. Her father taught her to have a critical eye. JP Williams and Lyman Ballif opened her eyes to career possibilities and her potential. Linda Reynolds inspired her to push her creative bounds, Adrian Pulfer helped her to direct her creativity toward God and Ludovic Drouineaud mentored her in the world of art direction.

When she thinks of the future, Lydia Lowe sees herself working to design fashion show runways, style photo sets and work on beauty campaigns as an artistic director.