Liz Shropshire – 2017 “Alumni Lecture 2017” speech

Shaun Parry – 2015 “Impossible Dreams I Didn’t Know Enough to Dream About” speech (PDF)

(watch: youtube)

Brett Helquist – 2014 “Alumni Lecture 2014” speech (PDF)

Art Rascon – 2013“Finding Peace in Conflict” speech (PDF)

Jerold Ottley – 2012“You Want Me to do What?” speech (PDF)

David T Warner – 2011Not Available
Kathleen Debenham – 2010Not Available
Parry W. Merkley – 2009
Steve  Rizley – 2008Interview (PDF)
Jane Clayson Johnson – 2007“Reporting on the Home Front” speech (PDF)
Sam Cardon – 2006Interview (PDF)
James C. Christensen – 2005Not Available
Gary Dixon – 2004Interview (PDF)
Reed Smoot – 2003Interview (PDF)
Lyle Shamo – 1995“Array Thyself With Glory and Beauty” speech (PDF)