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Josiah Fehlberg

Public Relations Graduate from April 2023

Hey guys, I'm Josiah, a recent PR grad.
For my capstone, I worked for Burnley FC — an English Football Club.
This project was extensive, intensive and required every dedicated effort from all the teams involved. Not only was it a culmination of our time at BYU, but also a milestone for the BYU PR Intelligence Lab — being its first international client and largest project to date.
From interviews in New York to comment and survey analysis, this project helped me cultivate the skills to more adequately create impactful strategy.
Hey guys, I'm Josiah, a recent PR grad.
This last year I had the opportunity create my own website — and develop my personal brand.
The creative process of building my brand helped me see what I bring to the table which will continue to prove invaluable as I build lasting connections and pave my professional career.