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Museum Of Art

Artist Danae Mattes to Guest Lecture at BYU’s Museum of Art

BYU’s Museum of Art (MOA) welcomes Danae Mattes to discuss her current exhibition, “Where the River Widens,” with students, faculty and members of the community. The lecture will take place Thursday, March 14 at 5 p.m. Like most of Mattes’ work, “Where the River Widens” is composed of natural materials. This specific piece explores how water and earth mix and the human reaction to that phenomenon. “I have come to view my work as a synthesis of the experiences I have when walking through landscape; a culmination of my observations and perceptions of nature,” said Mattes. According to the MOA’s website, Mattes feels that a river’s state of flux is “a metaphor for life, as change is a constant of the human experience.” This flux is demonstrated in her piece, which transformed over a few months as the water evaporated and the materials settled. Not only will Mattes’ lecture explore “Where the River Widens,” but it will also give attendees insight into her journey as an artist — a journey that has taken her and her art across the world, including to Germany, Chile and Japan. For more information about the lecture, visit the MOA’s Facebook page, where the lecture will be livestreamed.