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Share Your Story: #CFACGrad Samm Madsen

Department of Theatre and Media Arts
Graduating theatre student Samm Madsen reflects on her time at BYU

My husband and I have a family motto: “If Nephi can build a boat with two guys who want to kill him, we can do whatever crazy thing the Lord asks us to do — we don’t even want to kill each other!”

The first time we reached that conclusion was kneeling across from each other in our little apartment, me three months pregnant with our first daughter, deciding that we should follow the prompting for my husband to go on a music study abroad to Vienna, even though his return date would be a week after my due date. Emotionally, it was inconceivable; financially, it was hilarious. But spiritually, it was right. So we became shipwrights, and the story of my graduation became a story of sailing across increasingly wild seas and marveling at the hand of the Lord delivering us time and time again. As I have pondered the many boats the Lord has designed for us during my time at BYU, my heart is drawn to touch on two: Dramaturgy and Children.READ MORE