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School of Music

BYU Flute Professor April Clayton Launches Series of Instructional YouTube Videos

“Flute Tube” is geared towards Clayton’s flute students, but videos for general musicians are also included on the channel When BYU School of Music professor April Clayton started a YouTube channel in early 2013, she had one purpose in mind: share her performance of the piece “Half Moon at Checkerboard Mesa,” composed by Phillip Bimstein. But when COVID-19 hit seven years later, Clayton saw an opportunity to revive her channel to provide additional assistance to her students. The result was a series of videos known as “Flute Tube.” “I knew very early on in this pandemic that I wanted to begin posting some instructional videos for my students,” Clayton said. “I felt their lesson experience over Zoom was too sparse — I wanted to provide another learning tool for them. I knew this was a chance to explain some topics truly in depth. In fact, it gave me a platform to go into much more depth as a teacher than I am usually able.” Read the full article at