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While on tour, Synthesis members were able to enjoy the tourist attractions in each country. In this photo, the group toured through El Baño Grande rainforest in Puerto Rico. (Courtesy of BYU Performing Arts Management)

BYU student jazz group Synthesis traveled to the Caribbean to learn from native-Caribbean jazz legends and bless others through musical performances and service in the local communities

The BYU jazz band Synthesis is known throughout the world for their performances that combine the best of swing, blues, jazz, Latin and fusion to create something truly spectacular. This summer, the group left Provo and headed to the Caribbean for the unique musical and service opportunities that awaited them in Florida, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

“This tour in the Caribbean helped me to see that people are people, and they love their culture and music,” said Beth Campbell, a vocalist in Synthesis. “It was amazing to see the kind of music and dancing that they enjoyed. I wish we experienced more of that in the United States!”

In addition to sharing their musical talent with audience members, they were able to give service and interact with locals.

During their time in the Dominican Republic, Synthesis members stopped at La Victoria National Penitentiary in Santo Domingo to render service. Six students from the group were chosen to perform various songs from their tour program to 300 inmates. After their performance, members of Synthesis passed out hygiene kits to the inmates who were touched by this gesture of goodwill and generosity.

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