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School of Music

Give Children a Musical Experience with the Young Musicians Academy

The YMA is excited to offer both virtual and in-person sessions for tots ages 2–6

With autumn getting ready to make its grand entrance and students gearing up for a return to school, BYU’s Young Musicians Academy (or YMA) is excited to announce that registration is now open for classes. The YMA provides a series of classes for children ages 2–6, with lessons customized for each child’s individual stage of development. Teachers work with parents to help the children explore their interests in music and music-making. First established in order to encourage music in the home by offering quality music experiences for preschool children and their parents, the YMA also provides an experiential learning opportunity for BYU students who observe and help teach the classes. The program has structured their classes to provide rich music environments where children may explore a variety of musical instruments, recordings, songs and music toys without structured teaching. Families who participate in the YMA this year are also invited to attend the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Family Concert Series on BYU campus, which is specifically geared toward young children. Registration for YMA is open now through August 31 and classes will begin in September. YMA will offer both virtual and in-person sessions this year, with virtual learning sessions taking place on Thursdays and in-person classes on Saturdays. For more information on the YMA and how to register for classes, visit