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The BYU Men’s Chorus may have initiated musical support for the recent missionary zeal, but the public said “amen” when they downloaded over 11,500 free copies of the new Men’s Chorus album during the recent General Conference weekend.

Set Apart: Beloved Missionary Hymns was made available at 12:00 am on Friday, April 5. Visitors from 111 nations who speak 53 different languages viewed the Set Apart album’s website over the weekend. The Men’s Chorus sang with the BYU Combined Choirs during the Saturday afternoon session of General Conference.

Such strong support for the free album mirrors the fervor for LDS missionary work sparked by the announcement made in the October 2012 General Conference to lower the minimum age at which both men and women can serve an LDS mission.  The Men’s Chorus expects there were also several who downloaded the album who were not closely familiar with LDS missionary work. The free album is intended for all who would enjoy its rich musical quality, excellent hymnal arrangements and enthusiastic voices.

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