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School of Music

Music Professor Jason Bergman Releases Album of Hymns Performed on Trumpet

Bergman collaborated with industry professionals and BYU faculty and students in arranging, performing and recording each song on the album

The trumpet isn’t an instrument that readily comes to mind when most people think of worship music in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — a reality in the world of religious performance that School of Music professor Jason Bergman is hoping to change.

“Be Still My Soul: Songs of Hope and Inspiration” is the first professionally released album of Latter-day Saint hymns — as well as worship music from other faith traditions — for trumpet and piano and is the realization of Bergman’s dream to put out a recording exploring sacred or spiritual themes. “When I came to BYU, I began to have thoughts that now was the time to explore a new project, a new album that featured music of faith, especially my own faith,” said Bergman. “Music that is not only spiritually based, but could easily be used on a recital or any type of public performance.” With arrangements of traditional hymns like “Amazing Grace” and “Beautiful Savior” alongside more contemporary compositions including Peter Meechan’s “Song of Hope” — a piece dedicated to Bergman’s friend Ryan Anthony in his fight against cancer — Bergman hopes to point listeners toward the Savior and encourage his fellow trumpet players to share their testimonies through their music. “I hope someone will listen to this album and feel uplifted, inspired, forgiven, peaceful, and most of all, feel God’s love for them,” said Bergman. “If someone can experience that, I would be thrilled and feel like our mission was accomplished. As far as being the first to record an album of our sacred music featuring the trumpet, I just hope this isn’t the end. I look forward to hopefully hearing many others do the same.” Read the full story at