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Living Legends wrap up tour in Nauvoo, Illinois

The Living Legends' two week stay in Nauvoo came to an end much too quickly! The students fell in love with the people, the historical sites, and the spirit of this remarkable city.

Outreach performances at tiny local theatres in the area and also at a nursing home in Keokuk allowed the students to connect with the audience in a personal level and to make new friends.

Audiences in Nauvoo, for the evening performances, were enthusiastic and appreciative of the message of the Seasons show as well as the lively dances and beautiful costumes.

In between outreach shows and full performances, the Living Legends enjoyed visiting the sites of Old Nauvoo and attending other performances by the young performing missionaries.

As the Living Legends closed their last performance on the outdoor stage beneath a gorgeous full moon with the sparkling Mississippi River on one side and the glowing Nauvoo Temple on the other, each member of the company felt the spirit of Old Nauvoo and would always treasure the memories and friendships they made.

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