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Living Legends visits Nauvoo

Following a long day of travel, the Living Legends arrived in Nauvoo at 9 PM on Monday June 2nd and ended their day with an ice cream social at the Nauvoo mission home with President and Sister Gibbons. On Tuesday, after a morning rehearsing their show and spacing dances on both the indoor and outdoor stages, the group visited the historic Nauvoo Temple. Due to violent Midwestern thunderstorms and even threats of tornadoes, the first show moved to the indoor theater in the Visitors Center where the group received a warm reception in spite of the storms outside.

The group also enjoyed carriage rides, wagon rides, a handcart trek, visits to the Nauvoo historical sites, and outreach performances in Fairfield, Iowa, and Memphis, Missouri. A high point was the invitation to perform at the Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, Illinois. A reverence for the contribution of this magnificent leader is felt in every area of this elegant, inspired museum. There was a beautiful spirit in the large rotunda as the Living Legends shared a message of love and harmony through carefully selected dances from their Native American, Latin American, and Polynesian cultures. The closing number 'Go My Son' which emphasizes the importance of family, education, and service seemed especially appropriate in this important venue.

The first week ended with a Sunday evening 'sociable' or fireside in the Nauvoo Stake Center where the group was privileged to share their testimonies through music and the spoken word to a large audience.

As the group strives to be a part of the important work that is being done in this sacred place, they were especially touched by the words of the senior missionary who said, 'It's not just your dance, it's the spirit that you bring here.'

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