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Visit Three MOA Exhibits Before They Close

The Museum of Art will say farewell to three inspiring exhibitions in the coming weeks, but there’s still time for you to see them! Don’t miss out; these artworks have something for everyone.

'Far Out: The West Re-seen, Photography of Victoria Sambunaris' and 'Art for the People: Associated American Artist Prints from the Springfield Museum of Art' opened during Fall Semester 2020 and feature a large number of loaned works from outside the MOA collection. Far Out showcases 40 photographs from renowned photographer Victoria Sambunaris that bring to life the tension between the American West’s rugged natural beauty and the lives and creations of the people who inhabit it. Art For the People includes etchings and lithographic prints created by the Associated American Artists in the early-mid 20th century to provide accessible and affordable art to everyday Americans. Artists featured in this exhibition include Grant Wood, Doris Lee, Thomas Hart Benton, and more. The third exhibition, 'From the Vaults: Minerva Teichert’s Book of Mormon Paintings,' contains the titular artist’s iconic series of artworks depicting scenes from the Book of Mormon, including Lehi’s flight from Jerusalem, the conversion of Alma the Younger, and the visit of the Savior to the Americas. These artworks will return temporarily to the Museum vaults, allowing the MOA to perform routine conservation work and plan for their use in other exhibitions. “All of these exhibitions provide BYU students and our local audiences with access to well-known and highly acclaimed artists,” said Janalee Emmer, Associate Director of Exhibitions and Programming at the Museum of Art. “Seeing this work up-close and in person can be a transformative experience. The precision of the etchings in 'Art for the People,' the scale and complexity of Sambunaris’s photographs, and the unique perspective of Teichert’s Book of Mormon paintings are all remarkable and demonstrate vastly different types of subject matter, media, and styles — essentially meaning that there is something for everyone at the Museum right now.” After the closure of these shows, the MOA will prepare those spaces for new exhibitions, including a celebration of the artwork of Brazilian artist Vik Muniz and a collection of photographs of Utah and its people during the Great Depression and World War II. Check the MOA website for additional updates on these future exhibitions. 'From the Vaults: Minerva Teichert’s Book of Mormon Paintings' is on exhibit until April 28, 'Far Out: The West Re-seen, Photography of Victoria Sambunaris' is available until May 1, and 'Art for the People: Associated American Artist Prints' from the Springfield Museum of Art closes on May 21. Come see these beloved works of art yourself before it’s too late!