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Y We Sing: Choral Couple Brings the 'BYU Way’ to China

Choral Conductor Wenhao Mu and his Wife Wenjing She Share How BYU Impacted the Way They Connect with People

Wenhao Mu and Wenjing She
Wenhao Mu (‘19) and Wenjing She (‘19) pose for a family portrait.
Photo by Goldenladies Photo

Wenhao Mu (‘19) and his wife Wenjing She (‘19) say their love for music deepened at BYU, where they contemplated its purpose in new ways. “At BYU there is something very essential about music,” Mu says. “Everybody knew why we do music, why we sing together, why we have choirs. I think it’s because of the Spirit and the belief in everybody’s heart. . . . We were completely changed.”

The two continued with choral studies after returning to China. As both teachers and performers, “we still use ‘the BYU way’ to connect with people, to inspire our students, to help our students feel the real spirit of music,” says Mu.

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