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  • Design

    The Department of Design offers seven undergraduate degrees including illustration, photography, graphic design and animation. Students in the animation program have recently won several Student Emmys for their short films Ram’s Horn and Owned.

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  • Art

    The Department of Art is a vibrant community of artists and scholars focused on nurturing students working in a wide range of disciplines. Students develop fluency in the traditions of art and teaching while being pushed to experiment and develop strong conceptually grounded artistic voices.

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  • Museum of Art

    Moving Pictures: C.C.A Christensen’s Mormon Panorama presents a historic saga of early LDS Church history. C.C.A. Christensen’s 22 sweeping panoramas depict the miracles and persecutions between Joseph Smith’s First Vision to the pioneers’ entrance into the Salt Lake valley in 1847.

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  • Communications

    The School of Communications offers students real world experience and mentored learning in award-winning laboratories. Students can work with real clients and produce stories in print, digital and broadcast newsrooms.

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  • Dance

    The Department of Dance is one of the largest academic dance programs in the nation. Many opportunities are available for dancers including highly mentored student and faculty collaborations, on-campus performances, community outreach, study abroad, international touring and more.

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  • Theatre and Media Arts

    With an emphasis on creativity, our programs invite curiosity and imagination in collaborative and mentored environments where students learn how to tell stories that illuminate human understanding in order to innovate and see anew.

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  • Music

    Since the early stages of Brigham Young University, music studies have encouraged students to expand horizons and cultivate artistic abilities. With approximately 650 students pursuing their dreams in music majors, the School of Music provides 14 undergraduate and 12 graduate degrees.

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BYU Study Abroad students visits monks

Learning in the Dalai Lama Temple: a BYU Study Abroad

Study abroad programs aren’t hard to come by at BYU, but some are found in the least likely places. Last summer, seven students from the College of Fine Arts and Communications studied in one of the most unusual places on earth: the Dharamshala province in northern India. India’s Dharamshala province is home to thousands of Tibetan […]

BYU Twelfth Night

Tonga Coronation

Capturing the Coronation: Photography Professor’s Unexpected Trip to Tonga

The lens of a camera does an incredible job of capturing the most nuanced detail within the scope of its frame. However, even the most sophisticated lens has limitations when compared to the human eye. BYU Professor Paul Adams found the same is true when taking on a seemingly straight forward photography assignment: there is often more than what you had expected to see […]

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