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Awards and Achievements

Art Department Awards Night Presents Dozens of Awards to Exceptional Students

The BYU Art Department announced student recipients of scholarships and awards on April 8

During the annual art awards night this Winter Semester 2021, students received recognition for their hard work from the year.

Lauren Allen, a junior in the BA arts administration track, received one of the Talent Award scholarships as well as an Olena and George K Lewis scholarship. “Studying in the art department has been amazing. The teachers genuinely care for each student and want us to succeed,” said Allen. “I’ve truly loved every minute of studying here, and I’m so excited to continue to learn and grow.” Award-winning student artwork can be viewed online. ART SCHOLARSHIP AND AWARDS Talent Award Scholarships Oleanne Aanderud - Lauren Allen - Samantha Atzbach - Micalea Barlow Nicole Brooks - Tess Cowley - Katelyn Field - Madison Gallini - Samira Herber Boman Johnson - Kathy Johnson - Carolyn Koo - Hannah Landeen - Eleanor Larson Aïsha Lehmann - Hannah Mason - Caroline McCann - Faith Merrill - Ally Ordyna Soren Patchell - Kayleigh Ross - Winter Starr - Sarah Stoddard - Sage Stoker Grace White - Amber Wilkin - Rocio Vasquez - Malachi Wilson Roman Andrus Printmaking Endowed Scholarship Nicole Brooks Cory Nathan Belleau Endowed Scholarship Carolyn Koo - Aïsha Lehmann - Grace White Betty M. & Paul J. Boshard Fine Arts Scholarship Katelyn Field - Samira Herber - Carolyn Koo - Rocio Vasquez Martha F. Jensen Endowed Visual Arts Talent Scholarship Isabelle Ashton - Micaela Barlow - Megan Gee - Harper Graham - Boman Johnson Ally Ordyna - Esther Sanford - Ella Saxton - Hannah Smith - Asia Whitaker Lavieve Huish Earl Scholarship Samira Herber Demery Creative Arts Award Rocio Vasquez Olena K. Lewis & George K. Lewis Endowed Scholarship Lauren Allen - Isabelle Ashton - Samantha Atzbach - Ashley Combs - Tess Cowley Katelyn Field - Madison Gallini - Megan Gee - Eleanor Larson - Hannah Mason Faith Merrill - Soren Patchell - Kayleigh Ross - Ella Saxton - Hannah Smith Winter Starr - Sarah Stoddard - Amber Wilkin - Malachi Wilson Ruth Knudson Endowed Scholarship Sage Stoker George & Geraldine Swenson Watkins Scholarship Lucy Castro - Taliloa Fano - Kyeisha Selway - Audrey Yuen Will Ward Art Scholarship Harper Graham - Sage Stoker Mary Lois Sharp Wheatley Scholarship Oleanne Aanderud - Talulla Barney - Kathy Johnson - Caroline McCann Max Dixon & Ruth Kimbal Weaver Ceramics and Crafts Scholarship Samira Herber

ART EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS Talent Award Scholarship Emma Bennion - Anna Brown - Kaleb Farar - Travis Fehlberg - Brianna Hinton Marin Larsen - Abbigael McConnell - Hannah Morrison - Rylee Nelson Art Department Endowment Scholarship Anna Brown - Hannah Morrison Cory Nathan Belleau Endowed Scholarship Kaleb Farar - Marin Larsen Ruth Knudson Endowed Scholarship Hannah Morrison Olena K. Lewis & George K. Lewis Endowed Scholarship Emma Bennion - Brianna Hinton - Abbigael McConnell - Rylee Nelson Art Fund Scholarship Hannah Morrison - Travis Fehlberg 2021 AWARDS ANNUAL STUDENT EXHIBITION JURORS Madeline Rupard, Visiting Instructor Tiana Birrell, Visiting Instructor Juror’s Prizes Grace White Not Really, 3D print, acrylic, astroturf 7'x3.5' , 2021 Elizabeth Windsor One Size Fits All, Quilt, 65'x76' , 2021 Samira Herber Topographics, Inkjet print, clay, mixed media, 1’x7’x6’, 2020 Katelyn Field Kitchen Movement, Video, 2:53, 2021 Erica Nelson Eve as a Vessel, Terracotta clay, 14'x8.5'x9', 2021 Jeff Hampshire Landlocked, MDF and aerosol paint, 22'x 30'x 2', 2021 Rocio Vasquez Hecho Por Mamá, Felt, embroidery and knitting, 3’x1’x1’, 2020 Samantha Atzbach Dead Apparitions, Installation, dimensions variable, 2021 Sara Lindsay Pressed Flower #1, Satin, flowers, gelatin, glass, wood, 40'x40', 2021 Hannah Landeen My Brother’s Keeper (Series), Graphite & photography, 2021 Best of Show Aïsha Lehmann Would you swim in an integrated pool? Linoleum print, 18'x20', 2020