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The College of Fine Arts & Communications Announces #ExperienceCFAC Creative Works Contest Winners

CFAC students are being recognized for their experiential learning experiences

Four students from the College of Fine Arts and Communications are being awarded cash prizes for exemplifying how their out-of-classroom experiences answered President Worthen’s call for experiential learning — any opportunity that enhances classroom learning, such as internships, studies abroad, conferences, tours and symposiums.

The winning students entered their experiences into the college’s third annual #ExperienceCFAC Creative Works Contest, which was created to highlight the inspired learning that took place from the Fall 2020 semester through Summer 2021. The four winning students, including their academic area, are listed below.


1st Place: Nathan Winters | School of Music

2nd Place: Madison Baker | Department of Design

Visual Media

1st Place: Victoria Williams | Department of Dance


2nd Place: Jacie Hayes | School of Music


A $400 cash prize will be awarded to first place submissions and $250 to second place. The winning essays and digital media submissions will also be featured on the college’s experiential learning website and social media channels.

Hundreds of students throughout the college participated in experiential learning opportunities in 2020-21 and many entered their experiences into the “Share Your Story” contest. In addition to the winning entries, a selection of additional entries will be published on the college’s experiential learning channels over the next several months.

Contest entries were reviewed by a panel consisting of one representative from each academic area in the college. The panel evaluated how each entry exemplified the benefits of experiential learning, engaged the reader or viewer and represented BYU’s mission of “entering to learn, going forth to serve.” View contest criteria here.

Although the contest for this year has concluded, students can continue to share experiential learning opportunities using the hashtag #ExperienceCFAC on social media channels or submitting their experience on the college's website.

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