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  • Ballet

    Through exceptional training at all technique levels, ballet at BYU represents an environment where high academic and artistic standards allow students to be nurtured as fine artists, while also offering incredible challenges for lasting personal and artistic achievement.

  • Ballroom

    Students have several on-campus opportunities for performance, including the BYU and United States DanceSport Championships, and the annual Ballroom in Concert.

  • Contemporary

    Contemporary Dance at BYU prepares students to meet the challenges of a dynamic profession. As an NASD accredited dance major, students are trained in technique, composition, improvisation, choreography and performance as well as dance science, pedagogy, history and media.

  • World Dance

    Brigham Young University’s World Dance program is multifaceted, and is the largest dance program of its kind in the United States. Academic, technique, performance based, methodology, and composition courses are specifically designed in the world dance genre.




A dancer’s ability to convey love

Dancers constantly challenge their bodies by stretching past normal limits. With dancers leaping and pirouetting across the floor, observers may be surprised to know that a dancer’s biggest challenge is to express true emotion. This Valentine’s Day a few dancers have been willing to share how they express love and emotion through choreography and movement. […]


BYU Young DanceMakers Evening of Dance

Around the World and Back Again The BYU Young DanceMakers present an evening filled with colorful displays of movement in this program of dance created and performed by children and youth. Age 2+ admitted with a ticket.


Healing the “S.A.F.E.” way

Nineteen dancers lie sprawled out on the floor, a highly unusual sight in a typical dance class. The adroit teacher circled the group with perfect posture, walking as gracefully and carefully as a lion. The dancers immediately sat up and watched carefully as the master demonstrated his literally groundbreaking poses and stretches on the ground. […]

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