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8:00 AM

Department of Art

Department of Design


Megan Mitchell Arné

BFA Studio Art

During her time as a studio art BFA student, Megan Mitchell Arné has traveled to New York, Massachusetts, Ireland and Brazil for art-related studies. “All the opportunities I have had to travel have made the biggest impact on me,” Arne said. “As we always say in our art classes, ‘You can’t make art in a vacuum.'” Read More


Sarah Roberts

Studio Art BFA with Art Education Licensure

Sarah Roberts did not know if she would remain an art major throughout her college career. She liked to draw and had a talent for it, so she decided to major in art until she was sure it wasn’t right for her. That moment never came. Read More


Kalee McCollaum

Animation BFA

From a young age, Kalee McCollaum recognized her love for art, but along the way, she discovered an appreciation for science and math. The animation major was a perfect choice for McCollaum because of its combination of technical and artistic learning. Read More


Gunnar Harrison

Graphic Design BFA

Gunnar Harrison’s love for design first started in high school, but it was not an inspiring art teacher or class that drew him to the field — it was the edgy graphics on his favorite band T-shirts. Read More


Christian Tran

Woodwind Performance

Tran was drawn to music because of the “open-ended nature of the program,” which allowed him to focus on areas that interested him and were the most beneficial. “I also love that it is a major that centers almost entirely around improving skills,” Tran said. Read More


Ellen Battenfield

Music Education: K-12 Choral, Conductor

Ellen Battenfield is a music education major with a choral emphasis. Of all her memories at BYU, she will forever cherish her time spent in the BYU Concert Choir and her many semesters in University Chorale.

11:00 AM

Department of Dance

School of Music

Department of Theatre and Media Arts

Music Dance Theatre Program


Soren Barker

Theatre and Media Arts

At the end of the day, all Soren Barker really wants to do is teach. Whether it is high school, middle school or elementary, Barker plans to be teaching theatre as soon as he graduates. Read More


Tessa Homer


Tessa Homer selected dance as her major because she is passionate about bringing dance to public schools. Her love of helping students feel empowered and confident through dance has inspired her to pursue a career as a dance teacher. Read More


Mary Hoskins

Vocal Performance

Mary Hoskins’ path to the right major was not always clear. “Although I loved music,” Hoskins said, “I thought it was crazy to do it as a career. However, I had wonderful mentors who told me I should consider music as a major.” Read More


Kody Euteneier

Music Education: K-12 Instrumental, Conductor

Kody Euteneier is graduating with a degree in music education and will conduct the music at the convocation for the Department of Dance, the School of Music and the Department of Theatre and Media Arts.

2:00 PM

School of Communications


Ellen Huish

Public Relations

Graduating senior Ellen Huish did not know exactly what she wanted to do in public relations when she started the program. However, with a goal of attending law school in mind, she knew PR would develop and broaden her skills. Read More


Nastassja Krupczynski

News Media

Nastassja Krupczynski was drawn to the communications major because she knew it would not confine her to one industry. Krupczynski said she has always been passionate about people and through communications she has learned how to interact with different audiences, people and cultures. Read More


Britt Thomas


What do anthropology and advertising have to do with one another? Convocation speaker Britt Thomas plans to pursue a career answering exactly that question. As a communications major and anthropology minor, Thomas hopes to tie her two passions together. Read More


Hyrum Arnesen

Piano Performance

Hyrum Arnesen could not see himself studying anything other than music because he “couldn’t bear to stop practicing and performing” and knew he had much more to learn. He has enjoyed his time studying piano because of the people he has met and the opportunity to work with professors one-on-one each week. Read More


Zoe Jorgensen

Music Education: K-12 Instrumental, Conductor

Zoe Jorgensen is a music education major with a K-12 instrumental emphasis.



Dallin Baldwin

Organ Performance

Dallin Baldwin is a music major with an emphasis in organ performance. Baldwin is also the organist and choir director at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Provo, UT. He has greatly enjoyed his time at BYU. One of his favorite things was attending the football games and cheering loudly for the team.

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