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9:00 AM

de Jong Concert Hall

School of Communications


Spencer Norawong | Speaker

Communications: Public Relations BA

During his time in the PR major, Norawong has proved he’s more than the initial rejection he faced. He has worked as an account executive in Y Digital, something he says is one of his proudest accomplishments along with being asked to speak at graduation. Read More


Camille Baker | Speaker

Communications: News Media BA

Camille Baker returned from her mission unsure of what she wanted to study. Formerly an English major, Baker found herself searching for something new. Even with this broader vision of potential paths within communications, Baker had made up her mind to pursue book editing. Read More


Christian Hales | Performer

Music Performance: String BM

In his first year of college, Hales received a call from a School of Music bass professor that proved to be life-changing. The professor encouraged him to try music classes for a semester; he could always quit if it didn’t feel like he was on the right path. Read More

12:00 PM

de Jong Concert Hall

Department of Art

Department of Design


Chloe Welch | Speaker

Art Education K-12 BA

“I realized instead of just making art alone, I wanted to make it in this big group setting and have a place to be inspired and a place to inspire,” she said. “As an art educator, you get to talk about what you’re passionate about all day and have this community of artists that work with you.” Read More


Annelise Duque | Speaker


The word of wisdom Duque would leave other students, particularly women, is to stop selling themselves short. Though the art program is mostly composed of women, there aren’t many women that go on to study in graduate school and there are even fewer female professors in the program. Read More


Sienna Forsyth | Speaker

Graphic Design BFA

When Sienna Forsyth applied to the graphic design BFA program, she doubted her ability to get in. She remembers feeling incredibly nervous, even though she knew that she had given her all to the application. Read More


Melissa Kamba | Speaker

Illustration BFA

Despite a lifetime of creating art, Kamba never had any formal training. She came to BYU, applied for the BFA program and received notification that she wasn’t accepted into the program. For the first time in her life, Kamba questioned if art was the right path. Read More


CJ Madsen | Performer

Music Performance: Piano BM

Going into the competition, he realized he had to make a choice: he could look on his peers with envy and hope their performances didn’t measure up to their potential, or he could hope and pray for them as he did for himself. Read More

3:00 PM

de Jong Concert Hall

Department of Dance

School of Music

Department of Theatre and Media Arts

Music Dance Theatre Program


Channing Weir | Speaker

Music Dance Theatre BFA

“I know how important school is, and I know especially that when we’re in this field, we’re never done learning,” she said. “And I wanted the unique experience that I think a BYU performance education offers. We have the ability to be free with our relationship with our Heavenly Father and our knowledge that he is the ultimate storyteller and teacher. That’s what we do as performers — we tell stories and we teach.” Read More


Catherine Boyack | Performer

Music Performance: Woodwind BM

Boyack’s parents continued to encourage her practice without pushing her beyond her age and interest, keeping her passion alive and growing by the time she left her Lindon home for BYU. Boyack joined the School of Music without hesitation. Read More


Morgan Hastings | Performer

Dance BA

Wherever her life takes her, though, dance will be a part of it. Not only has Hastings taken dance classes from a young age, she has also participated in intensives and has studied abroad with established dance institutions. Read More


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