Silent Spring and the Anthropocene

From September 16 – October 9, 2019 the Harris Fine Arts Center will display the work of Frank McEntire’s “Silent Spring and the Anthropocene” inspired by the 1962 book, “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson.

The best-selling work by Carson recounts the harmful effects of chemicals to plants, animals, and human life. Similarly, the gallery in the Harris Fine Arts Center evokes thought on these effects.

“‘Silent Spring’ made us question our indiscriminate use of toxic chemicals on the land and helped spark the conservation movement,” said McEntire. “The series of works displayed explores our magnificent natural world and the mounting threats to it.”

Frank McEntire

McEntire is a former art critic of “The Salt Lake Tribune” and “Salt Lake Magazine” and has taken on leadership roles on the boards of the Andean Children’s Foundation, Entrada Institute, The Mesa and the Utah Arts Council. He is known as an independent curator in the Utah area as well as an arts administrator and writer. Many of McEntire’s works have been featured in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Texas and Utah.

Last updated October 2019